Best Starting Hands For Texas Hold'em Poker

The basic rules of Texas Hold'em are pretty familiar. Simply put, the game involves everyone being dealt with 2 cards (hole cards). The starting hands which you are dealt will greatly affect your strategy during the game. Your odds of winning are improved or reduced by the cards which you hold.

The following are a list of some of the starting poker zasady hands which you can get and what your strategy should be if you receive them.

Strong Hands

Some poker hands are simply stronger than others and as far as ranking goes, these hands are undoubtedly the strongest. They are namely AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK. If you have any of these hole cards then you have a strong advantage in the game. You should therefore play aggressively. Raise whenever you can. Your poker zasady strategy at this point should be to make the game costly for anyone who wants to stay in. This will not only improve your odds, it will also strengthen them by ensuring that people with weaker hands fold and stay away. If anyone should raise, your next move is to re-raise immediately. A strong hand puts you firmly in the driver's seat. Don't squirm. Drive.

Good Hands

Next to the strong poker zasady hands are hole cards which might not be as strong as the former listed ones but still provide the player with a reasonable chance of success. Cards of this nature include the TT, AQ (suited), AJ (suited), KQ (suited) and AK. With an Ace and high card, you stand the chance of high pair and a great kicker. The same is found if you have two suited high cards. Like the former, you strategy at this point should be to play aggressively. You should raise from the middle if no one has already done it already. However, if a raise has already been made, then it might be a good idea to simply call. If you decide to re-raise, you should keep your raise values minimal. This will prevent you from being caught in a race with someone who might have a stronger (i.e. above) hand.

Medium Hands

The name says it all. If you have any of these cards then your chances of winning are 50-50. Cards of this nature include A10 (suited), KJ (suited), QJ (suited), JT (suited), AQ, (suited), A2 (suited), A3 (suited), A4 (suited) and A5 (suited). Although you have good chances with these hands, the results will depend on how the other players are betting. If you find that one or more of the players in the poker zasady room are betting aggressively, then it probably means that they have a stronger hand than you do. Whether you stay or leave in this situation will be up to you. You can choose to play it safe and fold or you can decide to remain and bluff your way out. The logical move would be to fold, but such is the nature of hold'em that you can still win if you play your cards right.

By paying attention to these hands, you will be able to get the best results out of your poker zasady game.